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Originally Posted by TwoDucatis View Post
Throckmorton .. You need to read the "Ducati taking my 2014 Monster 1200s back" thread. Believe me, you are not alone with this problem.

Still waiting to hear from anyone with a 2015 bike who has this problem. Really want to know if it is a 2014 model year problem that got fixed.
My 2015 had exactly the same problem.
due mainly to extreme lean condition in engine management + a host of other issues im led to believe.
Installed a rapidbike with a custom dyno tune and BOoM! never ever stalled again. 6000km later and rev matching gear down changes, everything😊

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Originally Posted by Radracer6 View Post
Blame euro emissions.
in cahoots with corn gas.
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Stall when downshifting . . .

Originally Posted by Classico Rosso View Post
Rad, i know that the Euro regs. are partly to blame but, again, they did it for the MTS1200 '10 and onwards (releasing an ECU update which fixed the fuelling), funny thing is, not a single review of the bike mentions this problem - and it is a big problem having your vehicle shutting down in the middle of the road...
Regarding the rapidbike, i believe you Rad but i'm not willing to spend an extra 400€ to fix something that should be fixed by Ducati, it's a...moral/principle thing my good man

Will try to get used to it (not rev-matching that is) Brian although, yeah, it's a shitty counter-measure man, dunno, maybe it's just me but...

Is the Ducati diagnostic tool which is found at dealers able to change AFR values or is it a not-so-simple job ? Bike runs lean, the constant popping from the exhausts backs that up so...
Don't believe ducatidiag can read the afr. Believe that was made mainly for track use in terms of lap times etc.

I know it sucks to pay an extra $400 but there's accessories for this bike that cost this much and more and don't change the ride ability.

I've used fuel management on 3 of my ducatis. Bazzaz on both my old sf848 and 1100 evo and bar none the rapidbike beats its.

Rapidbike is plug and play and the fact is that aside from fixing the stalling issue the bike just plain ol runs much smoother, popping in exhaust is gone too.
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Originally Posted by Classico Rosso View Post
but...that's not the friggin' official "fix", i mean, why we as customers should pay extra for a 3rd party solution ? Isn't this Ducati's obligation to fix it ?
Not willing to spend extra moolah for something that shouldn't be there in the 1st place,
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I think someone has become addicted to the Kool Aid.
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Hahaha, now that's a response Deano !

I know what i'm getting into and i'm not one to start bitching about everything - how many 1st post have you read man where someone gets his first V2 1200cc bike and then immediately starts complaining about...jerkiness down the 2000RPM mark ? or that the gearing is too high and puts a 14T sprocket before even leaving the dealer because "they heard so"/been told to do so ? I mean, this is a 1200cc bike for Christ's sake (and a V2/Ltwin) one at that, what do people expect ?

I'm not talking brother about small "niggles" like the rear brake needing bleeding every now and then (which also shouldn't be there in the 1st place) or the shitty mirrors (which you can't see shit besides your elbows) or the rearsets which i don't know how they passed the Q&A (i'm wearing 43EU so i'm good,still)...
having a vehicle stalling on you is something which i'd personally put into the "serious shit" category- you can blame the light flywheel about that (since, let's be honest, the M1200 isn't the only bike with this specific problem, look at some KTM's and others for example) and/or the strict EURO4 regulations but still, it is a shitty thing to be dealing with my good man.

Took it yesterday boys for a 250km ride which involved freeways/mountain twisties etc and i didn't have any problems, then again, i stopped rev-matching and started using the slipper clutch and i also started being more careful with the down-shifts and everything was honky-dory...until i got back to town - them damned stoplights..."poof", it stalled about 2 times again...

This isn't a "character" thing (although i know what you're trying to say) but a pure strict emissions one, now, could it be fixed by releasing an ECU update that makes the fuelling less lean ? Most probably, and yet, after 2 years of the bike's release there's still no cure from Ducati's side - unless of course you got 1500++ € to burn for the Termis and up-map, not cool man...


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I feel for you, and suspect it's an emissions thing as I haven't read of any problems in bikes sold in countries that don't have the canisters and such......

But lotsa luck getting any fix out of a company who's go to phrase includes......"We've never run across that before"

I know they should, but they ain't gunna...........
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Originally Posted by Deano747 View Post

......... a company who's go to phrase includes......"We've never run across that before"...........
I have to agree with that, or the variation, "We've never heard of that before".

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Ok boys, don't want to jinx it but...i think i resolved the stalling problem.

In my case, after an inspection, my mechanic found the intake manifold to be damaged (from the inside), swapped a new one in still under warranty and after a 30Km ride couldn't replicate the stalling "method"
Before, under aggressive downshifting (usually between 2nd and 1st gear) , when revving the engine with the clutch pulled in (but not in neutral), or, when rev-matching, the bike would either try to shut down for half a second and turn on again (you could see the headlight turning off and on back again) or shut down/stall completely.
Don't know if it's down to placebo or not but there's also considerably less exhaust popping now.

Like Sonic Duck mentioned in a previous post - same symptoms do not necessarily indicate same problem, still, maybe users with the same problem could also take a look into that.

Which brings me to :
Since many users (with stock exhausts) mentioned that the latest ECU FW updates did in fact fix the issue, maybe, just maybe, the problem lies indeed within defective intake manifolds ? maybe there's been a bad batch of them installed on some bikes and there hasn't been a recall for them yet ? Yes, it's all just a theory but seeing as some people do not have the stalling issue after the latest updates while others do...
Feel free to correct me if wrong.

Thanks to anyone involved sharing their info/input, fingers crossed gents...

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Thumbs up

Thank goodness!!

While one data point does not establish a trend, it is definitely something which ought to be considered.

Funny how machines which are all supposed to be manufactured to the same specifications can vary in operation. I guess accumulation of tolerances could be a factor, starting with the cam timing.
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