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Zard installation help

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So I got my Zard full system (SS/TI) build quality is awesome, looks awesome. BUT in typical Italian style there are no installation instructions!

I think i've figured out how to install the pipes (I hope!), but I'm not sure if the new pipes need to have the crushable exhaust flanges/washers reinstalled at the junction of the headers and the pipes. Does anyone have any insights?


(2004 S4R)
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I have an S2R 800 with Zards. My setup did not use the donut gaskets. I used some high temp silicone instead.

For install instructions, check out http://www.barnold.com/ducati/exhaust/zard/
I'm thinking about getting the full Zard system. In planning the install, I can't help but wonder how you get to the second manifold, the one that's buried in the middle of the bike. Did you just use a really long socket extension?
I only loosened the front and left the vertical header alone.
You don't need to touch the rear header at all. But double check with the vendor about the crushable donut washers mine leaks without them and hi temp silicone is a temporary fix at best, it will eventually blow out. Best to put new donut washers on when you install order them with the pipes. Also buy new stud nuts for the header especially if you take them completely off. They are sprung nuts and are good for one or two tightenings only.
My S2R 800 pipes weren't set up to use the donuts, just a slip fit. I used hitemp silicone and so far it's lasted 4000 miles.
Thanks for the info. Thought I'd ask, since I've read that the Zard system doesn't come with any installation instructions. I suppose it will make sense when I see it laid out in front of me.
Best to put new donut washers on when you install order them with the pipes.
On my S2R1000 - no new gaskets were needed however I strongly recomend using high temp anti sieze on the joints - it will make the install and any subsequent removal easier. The excess will seep out/smoke on the first few runs but then it will be perfect.

I'd suggest you contact "mikeduc" as he has a Zard on the S4R.. The good news we pnut, sed, mikeduc and many others worked together to document and fill in the gaps given the missing instructions...

Another link:

S2R800 & S2R1000 intalls...
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