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I couldn' find the large Battery thread by searching, I know this information was there.

I am wanting to replace my Batt. with a Yuasa YT12B-BS or the smaller YTZ7-S.

I have found prices from $70 to $100. Which one do you recommend and where did you get it ?

I have not heard of either of these Batterys leaking........Have you ?

Could someone post a link to the Batt. thread for me ?

Thank You.

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Hey Red-Duc,
I might hava a brand new Yuasa 12-BS still in the box. I got it about 3 months ago.
I am running the 7-S in mine.

Let me know if your interested. I am in the Los Angeles area.


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Thanks for the replys, I think I'm going to try the 7-S it is factory filled and will leave room for a power commander in the future.

Does anyone know where to get the longer ground wires and terminals for the battery instalation? I'll check auto parts stores but I don't think they will have narrow terminals for a motorcycle.
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