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Your Keychain for the Monster

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I have a bunch of keys I always have to carry around. The key for my Monster being one of them. Ideally, I would like all the keys on 1 keychain, but that is causing the keys to hit the tank creating microscopic scratches on the paint. Do any of you have a solution for this?
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Three sets of keys for me: my bike (just the Duc key on a small leather Porsche keyring), my cage (remote and single key on a small wire ring), and the nasty snarl of all the other gawd-dam keys I have to lug around every freakin' day, little piss-ant reminders of the puny series of mindless responsibilities my non-bike, non-car so-called life consists of.

Nice to keep things separate. :)

Single key myself. Between my other vehicles, work keys, and various remotes I'd make one hell of a mess of my tank. The tank guards look interesting, but I think I'd jingle. ;D
I'm a bit Anal as well.

Monster Key is on a Grenade pin Pull ring.

All the other keys are on rings with a QD gizzie.

Jeep,Barn,garage,safe,etc keys are on one side.
The other has just House,garage,tool box keys.

On the way out the door,I grab Sophies key out of the hutch,and detach the important keys from the main set and toss them into the jacket pocket.

Minimize,and maximize!
I hate stuff that rattles!

Keep safe!
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Single key man too.

I have however used and have seen others using a small leather pouch that you can tuck all of your non used keys into - so you keep everything on the same chain. If you are really old and have an old leather marble bag (not the kind that hang from a speedo) that would work well.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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