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Actually, I was born in L.A., Grew up in San Diego, served in the Navy in Hawaii, and went to college in the Bay Area.

As much as I love riding in the mountains, there's a part of me that's really jonesing to move back near the Pacific Ocean...

Also, appreciate that dirty air and those congested freeways when you're riding in December and January, and we're freezing our butts off ;D


Ever seen the ocean, he says...Before moving to the mountains I saw quite a lot of the ocean- North and South Atlantic, Caribbean, out in the Gulf Stream, Long Island Sound, Great South Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Cape Cod Bay, etc., from underwater. The ocean is the only thing I miss, but not enough to ever make me go back. King Neptune calls, but not loud enough...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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