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Riding today? God bless y'all! I'm caging it in all this friggin sand.

As for CT members; haven't noticed any post here. But keep in touch. When it warms up and we assemble for some longer rides, we might be able to hook up somewhere.

I'm a CT rider, and know of a few...

sorry to jack the board...but the question was asked...
and i think that there is a post down below in this forum about CT riders and nobody replied after I did way back..

ok, I can't wait to get out riding again...

well, off to go ice fishing...

oh, and Nope, wasn't me on the yellow duckie on Rt 93

I've got a 620 dark...

I am a CT rider.

We have to get together when the weather gets better.

I am also new to bikes so this should be a fun year for me.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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