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WTS Right Hand Thread Mirror Mount For Reverse Thread ***SOLD***

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I have noticed that some Monster models come with the Left hand thread mount on the brake side . A lot of mirrors out there just don't have the reverse thread design so you have to get an adapter to retrofit these. I ordered through the Ducati dealer the Left hand sidemirror mounting bracket so I can mount any mirrors that I found to the right side. Well I finally found a set of mirrors that I liked, but when I did get them, they came with the reverse thread bolt already !. I ended up not needing the mounting bracket. It fits 2002 S4 and others check with your dealer first. My clutch and brake fluid reservoirs are round if that matters. It's brand new in package from Ducati. $20.00 shipped anywhere in the U.S. Thanks for looking, Harry
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Re: WTS Right Hand Thread Mirror Mount For Reverse Thread

SOLD [thumbsup] How can I get it in a hurry ? ;D
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