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WTB - one damaged adjustable fork off 900SS ('99+ year). stanction tube must be

hey gang,
i know i'm kinda reaching here this being a monster board but some of us have supersports as well...
looking for a good condition stanction tube off an adjustable front supersport fork from 1999+. if you've got a fork with a hopelessly bent tube or busted
bottom, please drop me a line with pics/info/price/etc... or if you happen to have the stanction tube, that would be good too. honestly looking for pretty low price here so any charity extended would be greatly appreciated!
note it must be off a '99+ SS. ST and monster forks are a different length and earlier supersport forks are a different design altogether.
OR!!!!! if you've got a set of take-offs from a multistrada, i'd be interested in a good condition set of those. pleaes email with pics/info/availability/price/etc....
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