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WTB - 50mm CLIP ON BARS for M750

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Just thought I'd throw out a line on some clips for my 750 to see what people might have out there.

Looking to convert to some top mounted (above the triple) clips.

PM me if you've got anything that might do the trick!

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i dont think your question is real clear...
but if you are looking for above the triple, i have always liked these ones from motowheels (plus they are only $115)

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To clarify - I am looking to purchase clip ons for my 00' M750.

Would prefer above the triple mounting position.

Hope this clears things up...... [cheeky]

BTW - the moto whells clips are quite nice and a slim design - THX!!
The Motowheels ones above are the thinnest I've found. I have an old pair that's drilled in several locations as I did a few moves to find a more ideal position for my hands/wrists (old injuries).

I also have a pair of stock '99 + up SS clipons if you're after a more aggressive riding position.

PM me if interested. $50 for either pair + shipping.
I've got a pair of the MW clipons Jeff showed (without the risers) that I'd be happy to sell.

They've been drilled in one or two places; don't remember exactly. What Stu means, I'm sure, is little blind holes for the nibs on the controls. The "extra" holes will be covered up by controls so it's not like they'd look like swiss cheese or something.

I took 'em off because I wanted to go below the tripple.
I'm kinda looking for a set as well just like the motowheels parts. If CanuckDucEh doesn't want them or a set is left, let me know. I'm not positive I want to switch and don't want to shell out for a new set.
Sounds like between me and Stu, there's a set for each of you [thumbsup]
WOOHOO! Clips for everyone ;D

...I get the pick of the litter though.....hehe


Thanks guys!!
Sorry CanuckDuck... I forgot to track down those clip-ons for pictures. I'll hit that tomorrow and shoot you some shots tomorrow night...

(now, where-in-the-hell did I put those....)
Still interested in a set... Any chance I could get some pics?
Pictures are in my Photo Gallery now under clip ons and clip ons2. I've tried to post them here but can't seem to get it to work. (admittedly, I'm better with motorcycles then computers!)

OK Canuk. Take yer pic 'cause Roscoe's waiting on the spoils ;D
Canuck bought mine just tonight... [thumbsup]
roscoe said:
ok Roscoe, PM me an addy and I'll git 'er done.
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