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Wireless Communication

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does anyone have a website or a contact for a Wireless Intercom or 27mhz setup that can be used from bike to bike when your out in a group riding?

I've been to a few radio shacks in Australia but can only get a system for bike to pillian.

Looking for something that has a small battery powered base station that could go in a side bag or back pack & handle up to say 10 or 12 wireless headsets that hook over your ear inside the helmet. Guess it would have to be, open channel so all can hear & maybe voice activated (don't want to have to press buttons)

Any ideas?
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Hey Miles! I have the clearercom headset and it works as advertised. The VOX takes a second to kick in, so I say the person's name first then talk normally. The headset is comfortable and you don't notice the throat mike. You do have to move the mike around until you find the best position to pick up your voice. I ops checked it and the other person said I came in clear, but a little muffled. Not as clear as talking through the radio, but not bad. I heard him loud and clear. There was no wind noise from the mike.
You can't beat the price and it works with a number of Motorola radios. You have to make sure the version you buy has VOX. I paid $40 for the headset and $20 for a Motorola 5420 radio. I believe the Motorola XX20 and up have VOX.
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