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Winterizing and "Winter" Gasolines

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Can anybody help me with a problem I'm having. My 1999 750 has developed a REALLY TERRIBLE sputtering and hesistation problem. It wont stay running at stops and at low RPM's it sputters like crazy. I was using 85 Octane all summer and have a feeling that the MTBE they use in Colorado gasoline during wintertime might be a cause. I replace the stock Champion plugs with NGK's and about 2 weeks later---BAM, hell broke loose. I've cleaned them many times and a spark test shows plenty of fire. I've tried bumping up fuel grade, but to no avail. I've drained the tank completely. Went back to go back to 85 octane. Ran great for 2 days!!!! Then I filled up with the premium, and the bull&^%$ happened again.

Need some help--Also what is recommended for winterizing the Ducks???

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First, stop using premium. It's not the answer to your problem and it's causing other problems. Put 87 octane in it, give your plugs a good cleaning and keep using 87.

I'm assuming you have stock compression in the engine. Hi comp mods would justify higher octane.

Second, I'll bet your rough running problem is carb icing. I had my first icing of the season last night. I find that when it's in the 40s, my bike starts and idles just fine. But after I've ridden at any kind of speed for ten minutes or so, I experience the symptoms you describe: popping, sputtering, roug running and refusal to idle. It sucks! I'm afraid that I've found no solution.

There are apparently two carb heater kits which may or may not be available. One ran current through the float bowls to generate some heat. The other diverted the engine oil from the oil cooler (which you don't need or even want when it's colt) through the carbs. Sounds messy to me!

I'm told the other solution is Keinin FCR Flatslides: the slides rattle around preventing any ice buildup. They reportedly DON'T ice.

I'm a little surprised to hear a report of icing in Denver. I would have expected your humidity to be substantially lower than ours here which should minimize the occurance.

Of course it could be something else entirely, but it sounds too much like my bike to be coincidence!
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