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I live near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and purchased a 2003 Monster 800 last year. Since then, the Ducati dealer/service centre has closed in Winnipeg. I am close/slightly over the service interval for the valve and timing belt being the major maintenance that I am not doing myself.

I contacted the dealership and they said not to worry about it for the time being. I am wondering, as I would like to have this work done soon, if anyone knows somewhere close that I can take my Monster to have this work done? What is the closest shop that will perform this on a Ducati? What are the major actual risks involved with postponing this type of work? I have done the other minor maintenance interval work such as oil change, oil filter change, new spark plugs etc.

I recently had my rear brake light stop working, and have fixed, so if anyone is having a similar issue I can try and walk you through that as well ;)

Really liking the Monster, and looking forward to hearing from some fellow owners,

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