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Windmill Cycles - Input Needed

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Found what looks like a good deal to stor my bike for the winter (if a bit far away) - Winmill Cycles in Norht Darmouth are offering winter storage until April 1st for $199. This includes winterization service for the bike..
Anyone had a good/bad experience with this very dealer and their service? They have the best price from what I've seen so far and I'm leaning towards storing the bike there for the winter, as I have no tools nor the space to do the service or keep the bike..

'99 M750
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I agree. Everything feels/looks like it's already entering it's first stages of hibernation. Yuk!

Time to break out the snowboards ;D
Frank/New England crew-call me if you want to ride (If I recall correctly, it DID snow less than a week ago though).
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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