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Hello everyone.

A little background: Last Sat. I picked up a '98 M900. The previous owner had a little work done on it; it's got the 11:1 high compression pistons in it, the airbox is chopped, it has high mounted slip-ons, and a jet kit.

The problem: The bike seems to be running rich. No matter how cold it is, it requires no choke to start (in fact, it won't start at all with even a tad of choke), and the carbon at the exhaust feels a little damp. It rubs onto my finger more like ink than like powder. I've never ridden a different M900, so it's tough for me to characterize how the engine is running compared to another bike.

The question: Rather than pay someone $$$/hr to chase their tails trying to tune this, I'm going to chase my own tail. I've ordered a new jet kit from Marc at Factory Pro. (I'm starting with a whole new kit so I'll be completely familiar with what's in there). Unless I hear advise otherwise I plan to start out with his recommended settings across the board. Will the high compression pistons render the kit recommended baselines useless? Is anyone out there running the Factory Pro jet kit with a chopped airbox and 11:1 pistons? If so, do you remember what jets/needle clip posiiton you settled on?

Sorry to ramble on- just wanted to provide as much background as possible. Many thanks to anyone who has any input here; I'm hoping to minimize the number of times I need to dig into the carbs; getting them out and back in does not sound like a whole lot of fun.

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