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who do you use for insurance?

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So i have already talked myself into buying a monster, but the last problem i have with getting one is insurance. I got a quote from progressive who i use for my cars, and due to my age (21) and less than spotless driving record, my quote for a M620 was 200 per term for liability and 2000 for full coverage.
My question is- who has good rates? I live in Va so i would need a company offers policies to Va residents.
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I live in Fairfax VA & I use State Farm & I'm happy with my rate for insurance.
I use USAA, I live in DC and alot of good companies won't do business here, well, because it is DC and the local gov't sucks. Mine runs about 350 a year again it is probably lower in areas outside the city.

Two cages, and three motorcycles and two drivers. About $250 a month.

Yes I have had three violations in the past 2 years.
thanks for all the responses guys. im getting some good ideas from you guys and it seems my last big hurdle before monster nirvana isnt really that big
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