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Which windscreen is the best

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I want a windscreen for my 620d for longer road trips. Which one do you guys recommend? Should i just find an aftermarket one or should I go with one off an S4?

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Very cool, Higgie! 8)

Sign me up for one or two... ;D

How much, and how soon?

They will be ready to ship from Italy in the middle of May.
We are going to offer them to DML members for $120 on the first batch. They will retail for about $160 afterwards. We are getting silver, red, yellow and black to match the dark. Let us know if you have a color preference and we will set some aside for you.

www.dartflyscreens.com seems hosed..can someone upload a pic' of one!?
www.dartflyscreens.com seems hosed..can someone upload a pic' of one!?
These are from Zina Kelley's site:

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just installed the dart on my m620 this weekend. i like it a lot. not as much protection as the givi a750 i had on before, but still makes a noticible difference at highway speeds.
I have the Double Bubble F-series, from national cycle, i love it ,looks great, and seems to cut the wind. Only downfall I found is it sit right on top of the gauges, and you have to cock your head slightly if you want to look at the light cluster, turn signal,fuel,oil...etc. but hey, can't have everything just perfect.
it depends. On my 750 the stock windscreen flops just a little - not enough to be annoying

on my friend's 900f.i. it flops a lot - go figure...
On the subject of screens...
Anybody interested in one like this:?

martin from motowheels was asking me if i thought people would be interested in these.
its made of plastic so its pretty cheap.
whaddya think?
are there pix of the front view? was wondering if it would fit the dual lights I have
thats the only pic there was.
i doubt they would fit anything but the oem headlight.
without mods, that is.
from this angle it looks like the front is fairly horizontal and doesn't curve much around the headlight - that was the reason for asking for pix
Sign me up for one in Red - that should look nice with my dual headlight setup....Please let me know as soon as they become available...Thanks
Sign me up for one in Red - that should look nice with my dual headlight setup....Please let me know as soon as they become available...Thanks
Contact Motowheels to get on the list.
you can talk to sean or stephano.
[email protected] or 916-369-2509
I'm unable to access the Dart Windscreen web site.Does any one know how I might contact them or a distributor. thanks ricardo
I'm unable to access the Dart Windscreen web site.Does any one know how I might contact them or a distributor. thanks ricardo
The guy who makes and sells them is Steve Sleddon. You can email him at [email protected]

Mine arrived from the UK this week and I installed it today. Took all of about 10 minutes. Easier than installing slip-ons. Haven't had a chance to ride with it yet, so more on that soon.
Hi all

I've been following the flyscreen debate with interest, as I'm the chap behind Dart Flyscreens. (BTW the site is www.dartflyscreens.com - let me know if you've any difficulty loading it)

On matters of effectiveness, the fact is that I designed it to enable the bike to be used more comfortably at speed for longer distances, without making the Monster look like a pig. It is effective at removing a large cone of air from the chest and neck area which makes for more relaxing riding. That said:

- it doesn't instantly endow the bike with Pan European type touring qualities!
- the effectiveness does depend to some extent on how tall/big you are, like all
fairings and screens.

You can see from any review of large touring bikes that achieving total wind protection for any rider is practically impossible, even with a huge sheet of plastic in front. Something the size of a flyscreen will never rival a full fairing, but it's not intended to.

With a great looking bike like the Monster, there's always going to be a level of compromise between looks and performance for any screen. The priority for me is to provide as much performance as possible but keeping within the styling, detailing, quality of finish and most importantly the spirit of the bike.

Cheers and happy riding.
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One quick observation from this morning's commute - the Dart doesn't flap around like the stock screen, and for this I'm very grateful. I found the stocker quite distracting when I rode with it.

Too few miles to say much about protection other than it does take the force off your chest area. No noticeable buffeting at the helmet. I'm going from SF to LA and back this weekend, so I'll post more detailed impressions when I return.
For those that were waiting on the above windscree...
I just heard from Motowheels that they are (finally) in stock.
The red and black are perfect matches for the Ducati. The yellow does not.
Keep in mind that the Ducati (OEM) older style wind screans work better than the new style (S4) and they do not flop around as much. The older style will fit on a new bike if you move the signal lights. The older ones do not look as "sporty" though. I think they changed around 99 or 2000.

I have an older style on my 01M750 and it works OK, still not as much wind protection as I would like but way better than the new style. But in the end I chose to buy a naked bike not a gold wing!
i started out with the regular s type on my monster rode for a season w/it and bought the stainless steel metisse flysceen i'm using for the 2nd. season, but.....that Dart flyscreen has always intrigued me. especially with some laced spoke wheels and set of those silmotor *conti-retro slip-ons* yeah that might be the ticket
Hey Guys and Gals! Can you include some model numbers on your observations? When I bought my 2002 M620, I had the dealer order me a fairing. They ordered me #96904300B. After messing with it for a couple of hours, I concluded that there was no way that would fit. I was right. They ordered the wrong one. I didn't like the way it mounted anyway, so I ordered #96921800B. I just cancelled my order with the dealer because it has been 6 weeks and still no fairing! I found the fairing in stock at Arizona Superbike and was going to place the order tomorrow. Now you guys are telling me the factory fairing flaps a bunch at speed. It sounds like I should stay away from the factory shields, right?
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