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Which windscreen is the best

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I want a windscreen for my 620d for longer road trips. Which one do you guys recommend? Should i just find an aftermarket one or should I go with one off an S4?

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Hey Guys and Gals! Can you include some model numbers on your observations? When I bought my 2002 M620, I had the dealer order me a fairing. They ordered me #96904300B. After messing with it for a couple of hours, I concluded that there was no way that would fit. I was right. They ordered the wrong one. I didn't like the way it mounted anyway, so I ordered #96921800B. I just cancelled my order with the dealer because it has been 6 weeks and still no fairing! I found the fairing in stock at Arizona Superbike and was going to place the order tomorrow. Now you guys are telling me the factory fairing flaps a bunch at speed. It sounds like I should stay away from the factory shields, right?
Hey Speeddog! Those numbers are from the Ducati Performance catalog. I think I'm going to go with an aftermarket fairing. Ducati needs to straighten up their Supply Chain! They lost my business because it takes FOREVER for parts to come in. If it came in at a reasonable time, I wouldn't have known how crappy their fairing is compared to what's out there!
Now that the Motowheels flyscreen is in stock, I am REAL interested in how it performs.
Check out this link:
http://www.motowheels.com/italian/m...Motorcycle Parts&CFID=688425&CFTOKEN=40479402

They do have solid colors available.
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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