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Which rearsets for m695??

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the location of hte stock rearsets are killing my knees so it's time to fix that, i'm flipping between the cycle cats and hte rizomas, my goal is to be able to move my feet back atleast an inch, and keep them at the same height relatively. i find hte most comfort if i take my feet and rest them on the heat shield of hte exhaust.

the cycle cats definately appear to have meaty construction, but it's hard to tell how well hte rizoma's are made, will either of these get me what i'm looking for?
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Re: looking at getting rearsets for m695

I vote for CC, well made and they will allow you to get your feet where you want them. The Rizoma product looks pretty slick though.
bump, no one else has any input?
high mount, leaning towards having arc fab do 2-1 undertail system. if i don't go that route than arrow or fresco highmounts, but these will come after the rearsets. so i still need to be able to use the stock low mounts with whatever i get but be able to have the room to use highmounts
From what I've seen during my own search for great rearsets and comfort, the models are divided by whether they'll be used w/ low or high mount exhaust. I suppose this could just be the difference between w/ or w/out exhaust hangers. But I'm pretty sure quite a few models only come w/out the exhaust hangers, and are thereby only for the high mounts. For instance, the CC's require another kit ($130 I think), to use w/ low mounts and/or passenger pegs. Maybe it'd be better to wait for the high mounts and then get the rearsets, or better yet, get them all together as one nice stocking stuffer [thumbsup].

Aside from the CC's and Rizoma's, you could check out the Sato's, (motostrano carries them, among others online, http://www.motostrano-store.com/saradumore.html....I'm pretty sure I've seen them at another site for around $490), or rosmoto's (much cheaper than the others).
dirtyfoot said:
or rosmoto's (much cheaper than the others).
got a link to these?
well...2wheeljunkie.com used to have them, but is closed as of the end of Nov, sorry :'(. I suppose you could try through rosmoto directly, or this place: http://www.jhsracing.co.uk/accessories.htm

They don't show what models they have them for, but say to email them for info as to model specs. Could be worth a try.

Sorry for the wild goose chase.....
no worries,

anyone got any experience with the rizomas?

anyone have specs on how far back the rizoma's can go from stock? and will they accomodate highmounts?
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