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Which one??  New Dood Here!!!

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I have never owned a motorcycle and I love the looks of the Monster. Yes, I read the FAQ!

I am a bigger guy... 6'3 215lbs. I race bicycles (I know, huge difference) but I've got the two wheeled balance thing down pretty good. 50mph on a bicycle can test your skill!!

Anyways, I'm not looking to race jap rockets (too old for that, I'm 32) and live in Chicago so I'm looking for something daily rider friendly in an urban setting, yet gives me a chance to unwind if the need hits.

Thanks so much!
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Re: Which one??

send a message to Tdaddy. he lives in your neck of the woods. I am sure he could give you good input regarding shops and what not.
For your size, I would go bigger. But that also depends on your check book. I am 5'9 210# and ride a 620 and have no issues with weight. All the girlies say I am pretty fast for a fat guy. 8)
Re: Which one??

well Ally the problem is that I am not the typical "white" caucasian. I have darker skin due to my Sicilian ancestry. The French side of the fam is kinda dark too. So I cant be pretty fly for a white guy. I am pretty dark for a white guy, but I like poking fun at my Poppin-Fresh belly. go on, touch it. I will giggle just like poppin fresh does. he he he.
Re: Which one??

well, it looks like I will have some spare time on my hands early next year! A trip out west would be swell. I will get the show details worked out, and with my severance money, I can pay for tickets/bail! I kinda feel bad though. We are stealing new guys thunder here with our fantasy world. Birch, I dont know you, but anyone that spells dude the way you do has to be ok in my book. You are on the show too.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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