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Why get forks reworked?

Mine had degraded significantly after 19,000 miles. Stock, the rebound setting was too strong compared to the compression, and over time it just got worse. Mine got to the point where if I did any heavy braking on rough surfaces the forks would bottom and the bike would ride like a jackhammer until I completely released the brakes. It was downright dangerous. The last serious ride I went on, about a month ago, the behavior was so bad that I went straight home and took the forks off of the bike.

I dropped my forks off at Aftershocks in Palo Alto (http://www.aftershocks-suspension.com/) and had them revalved and the springs shortened to stiffen it up a bit. This made a gigantic difference in handling. The whole bike tracks much better and I can now brake hard in bumpy corners without upsetting the bike. I should have done it a few years ago. It cost me right around $300 to get them fixed.

So, Daryl, are you sure your forks can't be revalved?
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