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Where is the DML from

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A recent thread provoked this question of curiousity. What is the origin of the DML and where do most of its members reside?
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Jeff just needed something to do during the six years his Monster was being fixed.

:angel: duc
I am also interested in the history or DML evolution
I think this is a valid request. Can we get a brief history of the DML on the FAQ & How-To page?
I believe...

It started as an email list and then moved onto a messsage board. Experienced a crash a while ago. Just upgraded to a new server.
SaintDuc said:
Jeff just needed something to do during the six years his Monster was being fixed.

:angel: duc
It wasnt so much being fixed, he just couldnt figure out how to assemble the tank

Oh, and DMLers are from asll parts of the world. Mostly the US but have mebers in Europe, Aus, Middle East, etc...
I'm from Uranus.

I friggin slay me.

"An example of what happens to life when it has to work on a friday night."
Way way back when, Thomas Alberti hosted the DucatiMonsterList on micapeak.com, a motorcycle enthusiast oriented server running mail software. Thomas also ran motobella.com, importing some cool monster stuff and Arrow exhausts. (probably more, but that's what I remember) Then he had one of those unique-to-monster crash-in-a-straight-line things happen, which messed him up pretty well. I recall he kinda bailed after that.

Eventually, the forum thing came along and Jeff H started up what was to become the DML we have today.

The original list based DML is still breathing... DUCATIMONSTER is the lists name on www.micapeak.com

During the micapeak days and now, the Monster list is always a great resource. I bought my Monster in 01 and the List made it easy to accessorize etc. Everyone who has kept it going over the years deserves a "Thank you" and round of applause.

I was on the list 01-03 and then off for a couple of years. Didn't two list members get married?
I must admit, owning a monster (or simply my first motorcycle) is so much easier due to DML.
I need to upgrade my membership soon ;D
Now, only if they had a better logo design ::)
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