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Whats the best/coolest helmet out there?

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Okay so its time for me to get a new helmet. It must be a full-face (no flip up) helmet that is wicked cool looking. However, it also must be safe and quiet inside. I am thinking of a black Roof R020 Racer...thoughts?
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roof isn't gonna vent very well, if that's what you meant by cool.

If you just want looks, try designerhelmets.com. they've got craft, momo, simpson, roof.... lots of good looks.
DrFatz said:
However, it also must be safe and quiet inside.
The "Cooler" the helmet, the louder is it (more vents). I have 3 helmets, an AGV XR2, a Shoei X11, and a newly purchased Suomy Spec1R. The Soumy is similar in styling to the other 2, but worlds lighter. Though the helmet seems as cool temp wise as the Shoei, I just found out that I can't hear myself think while wearing it and going 75mph+. No biggie though, I didn't have my usual ear plugs in at the time.

The Shoei (the one I wear the most) is kind of quiet, but not as quiet as the AGV. It's pretty aero when you're looking straight ahead and I don't get the head wobbles at speed but when you turn your head to check behind you when changing lanes in traffic, the wind absolutely howls. Oh, and it fogs up pretty ease when I have the chin curtain and or breath gaurd in place.

The AGV is the quietest of them all but the chin portion of the helmet seems too tall and I have trouble doing head checks cause the helmet hits my shoulder before I'm fully turned. It's also the heaviest of them all.

None of that was any help. But...if I were you I'd get a Suomy and some ear plugs and call it a day!
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i was thinking about the roof as well. some of the roof models have vents, although i dunno how well they work. i was kinda interested in the flip-up one, but that one doesn't seem to come w/ any sort of chin vents.
Hahahah....I guess you guys miss understood what I meant by "cool." I meant it has to look very awesome [thumbsup]. I couldn't care less about vents ;D
Hmmmmm....I do like the Roof R020 a lot...however the Momo Devil is pretty sweet looking as well. Dose anyone have experience with the Momo helmets?
I have to second the Suomy, I have the Extreme Spec 1R with the dragon design and to me, there is no comparision when it comes to graphics...they are sweet! The noise is loud compared to my Arai Quantum. My ancient HJC was quieter, but that's not what you asked. Coolness by far is the Suomy!

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Very interesting...I'm not much of a graphics guy though. I like my helmets to be plain yet elegantly designed...if that makes any sense ;D

I have one of those size XL never worn that I'm selling, tried it on and it didn't fit. Got it off ebay new. It's got a bit of a wicked/monster vibe to it.

yup. that's the site i go to. some really cool helmets. i love the pilot-looking helmets with flip-down dark visors, but they don't have full-face protection.

i can't wait until the big manufacturers release their photochromatic shields using that new company's technology. i tried the fog city photochromatic insert, and the stupid thing was too dark for night and too light for day. :mad:
DrFatz said:
Very interesting...I'm not much of a graphics guy though. I like my helmets to be plain yet elegantly designed...if that makes any sense ;D
If that's the case, get a Shoei Rf1000 in matte black.

If you're not feeling the matte black then get a black Suomy Spec1R in black.
DrFatz said:
Very interesting...I'm not much of a graphics guy though. I like my helmets to be plain yet elegantly designed...if that makes any sense ;D
Simpson Super Bandit in Matte Black...
Arai RX7 Corsair is VERY COOL! So cool, you'll want to close some of the many vents.
Never tried a Suomy.

NAKID said:
Simpson Super Bandit in Matte Black...
While I was checking out the Simpson Super Bandit, I found the Simpson Outlaw Bandit. What an awesome looking helmet...I think I may have found the one I want. Does anyone have any history with Simpson motorcycle helmets? Are they quiet, safe, durable?
I think the Osbe rufus is one cool looking helmet, probably what i'm going to order pretty soon to have ready for spring/ summertime.
I like my scorpion, for $180... it has all the features of the $600 helmet.... dot/snell aproved
I may buy another one actually
For my money, the HJC AC-12 Full Carbon is on the short list for pimpness.
I like that it is not too overstated. Although one day I am going to have to pick up a Suomy with something obnoxious printed on it.
hey DrFatz, don't want to stroke my own helmet in public, but this was and still is my pick for a great-looking, elegant helmet...


Nolan Xlite. very light, super comfortable, compact and good anti-fog. i've now got a jet black visor on it and it looks the business.
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