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I was just wondering what I should be checking for when buying a used monster...There have been a few that I've been looking into from ppl in the NY, NJ, New England area...I guess the obvious are the dings, dents, if it's ever been dropped, but I was also curious about mileage, and how that should take into account in the purchase price...Also, how long do clutches last for (i.e., when do I need to replace)...Any help would be cool!!! Thanks!! ;D

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Here are some quick answers. Also do a search for related keywords as this question gets asked a lot.

Service records are important - it can prove what's been done like valves and cam belts. Without it, plan on checking/adjusting valves and replacing cam belts at a minimum.

As a rough guide the following will probably need replacing/doing between 10k and 15k miles:
Cam belts
Fork oil
Flush clutch and brake fluid (annually)
Valve check/adjust
clutch plates (maybe the basket, too - depends on condition)
Clutch and brake hoses
Chain and sprockets
Tires (depending on condition of current set)

For a quick and dirty estimate, that's about $850-$900 in parts depending on how much $$Love$$ you lavish on the bike for just maintenance items. I tend to upgrade a lot of these types of items when I replace them, so it costs a little more than going for the absolute cheapest parts. And of course, once you know the belts and valves are ok, a lot of things can be spaced out along the maintenance schedule

Along with all that, I would suggest making sure the original owner has the service records verifying oil changes and major services at the correct mileages. Even if it's a home mechanic he/she has hopefully kept a log and/or receipts to verify what parts have been purchased. It's really great to buy a Duc and know you don't have to go in immediately for one of the expensive full services with valve adjustment, etc.
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