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What Music do you 'pre-ride' to???

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I just picked up the Public Enemy Millennium Collection that opens with "Welcome to the Terrordome". Chuck D just stuffs his lyrics in your face. I also like the Misfits, Tiger Army, Flogging Molly and Drop Kick Murphy's.

.........maybe some John Denver when I'm changing the oil.... ;)

what does everyone else listen to in the garage???? and does anyone ride with an iPod/mp3/cd player??? Frankly hope not, but just wondering.
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Nasty nasty punk-Preride :mad:

Hank Williams Jr./Sr.-Post (with beer) :'(

Classical- Working on bike ;D
The answer is really complicated or really simple, or well..... I don't know. I'm a really complicated person, er, no, I'm a really simple person, or ah.... I don't know, ask my wife.
I'm just easy to please, ah that's it. Like MEMONSTRO, store clerks I think, think I'm buying for my kids.

BTW, check out Hank Williams III, he's a huge Black Flag fan. How he ever come from the loins of HW Jr.?
Daffe- Nasty punk is what ever you want it to be, Pistols, Scratch Acid, MDC, DK. I like most of the Old stuff (Punk, Country, Classic, Southern Rock) even some old Rap like Public Enemy.
Most of those punk bands (and punks) as I recall in my younger days of beating the crap out of myself and others at shows, didn't have the best of personal hygiene.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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