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What is THIS?? Never saw a color scheme like it, my new acquisition. 2000 750

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My guess is that it's been resprayed.
It's got a few nice bits.
Obviously the levers, mirrors, grips, seat, clutch slave and exhaust aren't original duc bits.
They've gotten rid of the rubber foot pegs, is that an alloy side stand from a superbike?
Carbon? front mud guard from a superbike or supersport.
The cagive elephant on the fuel cap is a nice touch from an older model.
Shame about the tyres and lack of side covers.
Still not too bad.
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First thing I would do if it were mine is a longer side stand to reduce the chances of a heart attack.
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its brilliant
traffic cop: "be on the look out for a red ducati. wait no a black ducati. ah nevermind."
a buddy of mine his M696 had a red black and white livery kit that your custom paint reminds me of . if you keep hearing , thats bob's bike, then change it. otherwise you own a ducati. whats not to like. .
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