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What Helmet do you wear?

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Just trying to get an idea of what people are wearing.

So far i have tried on arai, shoei and
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Did I read somewhere that a $200 helmet will protect your head just as good as a $600 helmet, or was I dreaming.
My HJC cost $200, fits comfortable( alittle snug at first) but now almost feels like you're not wearing one! Also, I've rode on hot days and I stay fairly comfortable in it.
One downside , very hard to kiss my hubby with it on!!!!! It doesn't flip up!!
AGV Demon Top Vent 2
Cool looking helmet, good venting.
I am selling this helmet, but replacing it with a different size of the same thing.
Buy the way I have a black Ducati SS helmet size med for sale, never worn.
;D I have an Arai Signet GT and I'm very happy with it.It's very comfortable and not to heavy.
I want to see a pic with that "simpson" helmet in action!!!!
At Ducati Revs America, in the full 'Happy Meal' outfit.
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gee... sorta stands out on that dark ST!

as far as the difference b/t a "high end" helmet vs. a "low end" helmet goes in terms of price, etc, I did some research online regarding comparisons and found out the following:

- as far as protection goes, all the helmets (FF helm vs. FF helm, not FF vs. 3/4 or 1/2 helm) are consistent in protecting the pilot appropriately.

- as far as comfort and/or fit goes, the higher end models tend to have better comfort

- as far as wind-noise attenuation goes, the higher end models tend to be better at blocking unwanted noise.

seems to me that comparing an Arai or a Shoei to a Bieffe or a Nolan, for example is like comparing a Cadillac Seville to a Toyota Corolla. Both get you to your destination but 1 gets you there in comfort. The other is economical but gets you there without all the bells & whistles.
I have an Arai Signet GT.. I just retired the HJC CL12.. The Arai is much more quiet, comfortable and lighter than the HJC. Also the overall size of the ARAI helmet is smaller AND the field of vision is better... To loosely quote Daffe, the cheaper one will do the job but the more expensive one has its benefits... 8) :)
Just like those hookers in Tijuana. When I was in the Marines, the bargain one was $100 for three of us. That is of course after she was done with the Donkey show. :eek:The really hot ones that were "disease free" cost a bit more. Needless to say, I ended up spending my money on Pacifico and long islands. And no- I do not condone prostitution or any other form of sex for money. OK, maybe I do think it is ok, I just havent paid for it in the direct sense. 8)
... of course, forgot to add that some helmets are both DOT and Snell approved and some are only DOT (minimum req. for safety standards) approved
In the helmets that you hear less wind noise , do you also hear your bike less. I sorta like to hear the bike for any abnormal engine noise.
Just like today I thought I heard so abnormal engine noise and couldn't wait to get in the driveway, remove my helmet and listen???
Any one else listen like that? or am I completely daft???
you're completely daft! just kidding... actually, as far as hearing the weird noises that aren't supposed to be there... if you warm up the engine while sitting in the pilot's seat, donning your helmet and gloves, you'll get a small preview of what the engine sounds like at idle.

i haven't had any problems with hearing my engine even with ear-plugs in.

of note though... i can tell when the engine feels "thrashed"... sounds a bit rough - so the last time that it sounded that way, i took the monster in to Nichols and they told me the valves were only SLIGHTLY out of alignment... weird - like I can tell if the valves need adjusting or something. once I got the monster back, it sounded perfecto.
In the HJC It gets me there with the whistles. That's what I complained about. ;D

Never mind the price. What kind of helmet did you wear?
... well, i am thinking of going with something more expensive again... tried on some Arais as well as a high end KBC. thinking either Suomy or something would be nice. depends on my checking account at that time.
Out of curiosity, has anybody tried a flip-up type helmet and abandoned it after a significant trial for a regular FF again? The reviews I've read (I think one was on webbikeworld) seem to suggest that you get hooked on the convenience of raising the front to take a drink, get some air at a rest stop, etc. pretty easily.

Biggest drawback I see is that apparently they don't come with removable liners, which is fairly big IMHO but not a HUGE deal.

I'm still months away from a purchase, but in the meantime, I'm leaning toward a flip-up unless I hear Bad Things about 'em.
i like the flip-up type - makes backing into spaces MUCH better - the chin-bar does not catch on the shoulder armor so you can turn your head further around to see behind you.

i'm planning on getting a FF anyways though (just because i like the helmet designs - as far as shapes go... the round helmet designs don't appeal to me as much as the ones with the angles on the back) - e.g. KBC Racer-1
I have a Shoei RF900 and my wife has an Arai Quantum e.
picked up the flip-type Vemar helmet today - feels really solid (the shield action) compared to the HJC shield action. as far as wind-noise - better noise attenuation vs. the HJC flip.

locking mech has a seat-belt clicky type thing. looks pretty cool too.
I have narrowed down the search.
I have an Arai Quantum F Re-Entry model. I love this helmet.
Icon- I've got the Aggressor in red/white/black and the Primary in red/black/silver. They match my red 900ie, great ventilation, comfy fit.
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