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What Helmet do you wear?

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Just trying to get an idea of what people are wearing.

So far i have tried on arai, shoei and
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Mine is a Shoei RF-900 Duhamel in red. Great looking helmet, but the venting sucks :p. Always fogs up unless I'm moving at a decent speed (i.e. not caught in traffic).

Have not got the bike yet
Shoei Syncrotec in black... entire face cover and shield flips up with one hand which is a nice feature.
Shoei RF-800 colored to match the Monster. I had an RF-700 for a few years until it started to show signs of wear, but I still wear it for short rides when it might get banged around when I take it off.

Obligatory photo:
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I have a Shoei RF900 in anthracite and an X-11 in silver. I want to get the X-11 painted though, I'm not happy with the silver.

The Shoei X-11 is the best Helmet I've ever owned.
So far i know i want a full face helmet, just cant decide if i want it a solid color or with a graphic. I Have not found to many helmets with graphics i like. most are too busy for me.
Most likely i will end up with a metallic silver/gray to match the bike
white Arai Quantum f. i also own a Shuberth Concept, which lives in my closet. when new, it should be really tight, but not have any pressure points. Arai offers 3 styles for different head shapes. find the brand and model that fits your head best. if you need help, go to a store where they actually know how to fit a hemet.
HJC Sy-Max (flip up helmet) w/mirrored visor - has been crash-tested and held up nicely
I will assume you really want info rather than a poll.

HJC CL12: FF Black. Very comfy. Could use better venting for riding in the South. It's Kinda loud.

HJC FG2: Half helmet (cop style) in white. Also comfy. Stable on my head at triple digit speeds. Zip on "curtain for when it's cold out, but I leave it in all the time to quiet things down a little. Could use better venting, but it's so old that newer ones my have that. The snap-on bill is nice on really sunny days to shade my face on long rides.

I used to have Fulmers. My brother still uses a 20+ year old 3/4 helmet (black with gold reflective "wings" on the sides-very stylish in 1979) when he races his car. The FF (black) was so popular that someone stole it off the bike. Been on lots of demo rides and one helmet stood out. The original Victory sport-cruiser was only so-so, but the Arai Quantum they loaned me with it was the nicest. lighest and quietest helmet I have ever worn.

Responses about wearing older helmets will be ignored, so save the bandwidth.
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I own a Suomy Gunwind, which was tagged as a Ducati SuperSport helmet. Says Ducati on the front and back and is painted Ducati red to match my bike perfectly.
I use a Suomy B.B. Laguna Seca replica, very good helmet to wear, it's well done and cheap
I have an HJC also. Red and Black- I think there is some grey on it too. It is comfy for long rides- does get a little warm though on the hot days. It has "Advanced ventilation system" I dont know if it really makes a difference, just more holes to open up I suppose.
what ever happened to that Devil helmet you posted? you ever get to try that one? (the KBC?)
you're right Doc.
I am looking for why peolpe like/dislike their helmet. Which ones fit great, dont fog up, good or bad ventilation, and over all impression.
I have a Shoei RF900 in anthracite and an X-11 in silver.
I see now.. I thought it was more like a poll. Here's how it was put to me.. Shoei and Arai are at the top of the list. Some people have an Arai head and some people have a Shoei head. I have a Shoei head. The Shoei X-11 is the coolest, lightest and most comfortable helmet I've ever worn.

I got hosed because I fell in love with the thing the moment I put it on.. not only was I stuck with silver because it was the only one in Large that they had in stock, but I also paid just about $600. I'm not dissappointed though.. I can live with the color and, in all honsetly I would have paid more. Now you can get them for around $400 from www.helmetharbor.com. If you are going to buy a helmet online I HIGHLY recommend finding a local dealer first to try them on. Definitely ask for help.
I want to see a pic with that "simpson" helmet in action!!!!
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