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Might as well address this to Daffe...

I just put on my duals from spareshack. It looks great. Hopefully I wired them right; they seem to work...

Anywho, I went across the GG bridge into San Rafael to go swimming. I get half away across the bridge, and the speedometer stops. Same with the odometer and trip meter. I checked the connections and they look ok, but that doesn't mean much with me looking at it...

Whatta I do?

By the way, the duals look sick and I just have to commend spareshack and, more importantly, Stuart Smith, because I am terribly happy with the product.

One more thing, the lights don't seem very bright? Should I get new ones or is something wrong with the wiring? Also, where should I tuck the wires? I electrical taped the hell out of them just as a temporary thing.

If they worked and now they don;t its either connection issue or volt/amp drop issue. Either one can be checled with a multimeter....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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