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What did you pay for your 6000 mile service?

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What did you pay for your 6000 mile service? I keep hearing jokes about people getting rid of there bikes before this service. How much is it? And what should I expect to pay on an S4R?
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You have two questions. I can't address the second since I have a 2V bike.

I paid about $600, but that went well beyond the standard 6k service.

They replaced the timing belts because the bike was >2 yrs old. BCM goes by the rule; 12k miles or two years, whatever comes first.

BCM removed the left engine cover and locktited the alternator nut (actually they replaced it too as the threads seemed off). This is a precautionary service they like to perform on all bikes the first time they touch them. While in there, I had Bruce turn down the flywheel, taking about 2 lbs off.

I'd bought the bike used and had some carbeuration problems. Eric took 'em apart and checked the setup.

I bought a magnetic tank bag.

Other little things like zip-tying the brake levers in case the stamped nuts fall off.....

My 12k service cost almost twice as much!

That included RaceTech springs and Gold Valves, a SuperSport front fender, leaking freeze plugs on the H cylinder, new chain and both sprockets (bad alignment job on my part).

I think a basic 6k should cost in the $300-400 range. For me, that's typical annual mileage. Three or four bills a year's not too bad, it's the discrtionary spending that's a killer!
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