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They have a 620 dark 02, new never ridden titled etc.

They had a $5700 price on it, what do you think is fair for it? How low could I get them down do you think? It still qualifies for 0% financing.

The guy there was nice but he did not seem to be up on the bikes, he had no info about the 04 six speed with slipper clutch, and when I asked his opinion of the 01 600 he told me it was fuel injected.

Overall I got the impression that they did not want me touching my own bike and told me flat out that if I did not get the services done at a shop I would not get anything warrantied. This is actually ok with me because I would not get to 6k in two years so all I would be on the hook for would be the 600 ($200).

Right now I am still leaning toward a used 600 dark, no ecu, no fuel injection, basically 100% user (well if the user is me) servicable.

Anyone have any thoughts? Should I spend more on the 02 or 04 (he implied he could even get me some $$$ off the 04) or find an 01 600?

I am confused more than when I went in, except now I KNOW I have to have a monster.



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$5,700 is a good, but not great price. I got mine in April 03 for $5200, but that was a steal, I think.

I strongly think the 04 slipper and 6 are overated. I have never wanted closer ratios and another gear (once in added th $20 14t sprocket anyway) and I have never locked up the rear even when blowing a downshift... ymmv.

I STONGLY suggest you avoid the 600s unless you get a huge deal on one. Too underpowered given the great prices on the 620's these days.

I have my doubts on the warranty line he's feeding since I believe they must link a denied warranty claim to a failure in the service, but shouldn't be a big deal anyway. Take it in for the 600 mile to any dealer and you'll be set until the 6K.

I think the 620 is an amazing bike for the $. And once you change the sprockets and open up the cans a bit, it can't be beat.

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