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Those of you who were making fun of the San Francisco Bay riders for having lots of rides, but very few riders can try to top this. We finally had a nice big one. A total of 27 bikes with 18 Monsters and 20 total Ducatis.

Challenging roads with a wide variety terrain - tight twisties, high speed twisties, a few open highways and less than 8 miles of freeways out of a 105 mile loop.

Here's the group at the top of Mt. Diablo:

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Scott, Looks like fun! Sometimes I wish I still lived in the bay area... (Went to the Cali. Culinary Academy for two years).

Scooby ;D

Not so many folks to ride with in my neck of the woods- SW Washington State. :-/

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Scooby -

anytime you visit your alma mater, look us up and join us for a SFBMHA ride! check out our website for more info.

so do you SoCal guys/gals ever photo-journalize your rides at all? I'd like to see some of the places that you frequent (if you are able to get a large group together! seems that i heard through the grapevine that you people have at least 40+ motorcycles on rides)

There's Britalia in Santa Cruz that rents monsters (I believe). In SoCal, there's also a company (not a dealership like Britalia) that rents monsters.
Would you happen to know the name of the company in SoCal that does that, Daffe?
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