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2 more days and counting for delivery on my first Ducati Monster!!! anticipation is killing me!!

Okay, bought a 2003 M800 dark with 1600 miles. Ask the seller for a warranty card of some sort and all he said was given to him was a card w/ a key drawn on it....does that work for a warranty card?

Any hoops to go through to transfer warranty?


The card with the key on it is for the dealer to program your immobilizer if/when you get replacement or extra keys.

You should get an additional 'card' for the warranty. It took about 2 months to get mine from my dealer but that was because of some behind the scenes bean counting that had to happen first (transfer from another dealership - bonus, because of all this, my warranty didn't actually start until this paperwork was completed). It's really an ownership certificate from ducati, part of which you cut out and keep as your 'warranty card'.
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