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Vote your ''second'' color for the 1098

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The white one is incredible, I love it :eek: :-*
In addition, official news on the deliveries in the U.S. and some info on the Tri-Colore history
Enjoy! ;D

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I'll Second the White! Even better if It's the Pearl they used on the S4RS!

Not that I'm biased or anything. [cheeky]

I think the Pearl would realy accent the bike nicely. [thumbsup]
can we get that pearl white, with the lower half of the fairing painted in that deep burgandyish-red that the s4rs also featured, the transition slashing across the bodywork at an angle?

or can anybody at least photoshop that up? i think that'd look pretty sweet.
I was dying to see what the bike looked like in white and now it's a possibility as a second color?! I'm actually not a huge fan of the 1098 design, but if they build it in white, I will come.

I have a particular love of white b/c my Porsche is white and white just happens to be America's international racing color. I can see it now, a white 1098s with an American flag cockpit and gold frame and wheels. If no gold frame, fingers crossed, the white s4rs wheels will fit the 1098. 8) Better not get my hopes up.

Any guesses what Italy's international racing color is? [laugh]
Black with the red frame.

White on a Monster is good.

White on a SBK is just not proper. Unless, perhaps, it had red stripes and different accents. Maybe.
My vote is that you buy the bike and paint it whatever color you like. ;D

I really really really wish I could make it out to AMS this weekend (it's only 4 hours away dang it!) so i can see the very FIRST 1098 in the states! :eek:

but alas, no Dallas for me this weekend :'(
lwszabo said:
Black! but has to be a DARK >:D
+1,000. I love the flat black look.
White, With a red frame, And "ducati" graphic along one side : DUCATI and carried as a red stripe. The ducati would be in white. I don't like the black along the bottom.

I am definitely ordering those rear views for my Rs Too.
i voted black. even though i'm getting a Tricolore ;D
Best quote ever (and why my Monster had to be red):

"God invented red so that Ducatis would be the most beautiful bikes in the world; it’s pretty much as simple as that to me."

i love red, or black

but damnit...that white is hot!!!
the white is definetly hot, but i would go with black first and foremost, if some one could i would like to see it photoshoped orange(tangerine) i love orange, but thats me
dark [thumbsup]
Black, black frame, gold wheels.
Froofy white. In an S model. I'm so screwed.

I'll take that one and all white riding gear (similar to FastElvis')

Add a "Biker Scout" helmet..I'm all set!! [thumbsup]
Metallic copper with a matt black stripe and red wheeles !
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