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I have a few questions regarding the volatege regulators in our bikes (especially the ones that have been blowing batteries...)

Anyone know what the standard operating temperature range is for the OEM units intalled?

Also, is there a (ducati) part number or (mfg.) model number that we use to find such specs?

Thanks in advance.


I don't think the VR has been the culprit in many of the battery problems, but a bad VR can cause a battery to overcharge and leak. Had that problem before, but not on my Duc.

I checked temp on my regulator before and after moving it into the air strem by flipping it upside down and saw significant drop in temp. High tempature is an enemy of VRs. Look where they are mounted on most other bikes.

Search for "flipped regulator" for the thread. Some opinions were "different" :-/
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