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Voltage regulator problem?

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I have a 1998 mod 900s Monster. On my last ride I had some misfire, and although the fuel warning light did not light up I thought I was running out of gas. I managed to get to the nearest gas station and filled her up.
It started but soon misfired again. It run on tick-over, but as soon as it was rewed it misfired and died. I tried over and over again, but at same result. I had to call for a rescue van to get her home.
The battery is ok, and the fuel is coming trough all the way to the carbs (nothing wrong with the fuel pump).
I suspected the carbs to fail (accs pump?), but has not got around to check yet. Then somebody told me that it might be the voltage regulator failing. Can this give these symptoms? If so, it would be easier to replace this then tearing down the carb set-up. I have found a 3-phase upgrading voltage regulator kit on E-bay I can buy, but this is for the 96-98 748/916/996. Will this fit my bike? But ofcours I would not spend these money if the voltage regulator is not the broblem....
Can anybody help me?
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Welcome to the board. It sounds more to me like your fuel filter is suspect. The stock Mikuni carbs have no accelerator pumps. I would replace the filter and see what happens.
The regulator would be suspect if the battery was going dead, but in my experience if the battery will start a carbed bike it will be good enough to run the bike. I don't think that regulator is what you want.
Try one thing at a time in this order:
charge the battery
change the fuel filter
add a 1/4 cup off alcohol in the fuel to see if you've got water in there
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