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ventura pack L brackets on hacked tail

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here's a link to some intimate pics of pongo's butt. this is what i did to adapt a ventura pack to a hacked tail. something like this should work for anyone with a sensibly hacked tail.

the aluminum "blocks" that are between the wierdo frame bracket and the ventura pack are 1/2" x 1" aluminum bar that's about 2" long. the holes are tapped M8x1.25.

the chunks holding the turn signals are like 1/4" x 1" and were milled so as to not be too thick for the nut and lockwasher to fit. also, being thinner allowed them to more easily be bent to make the turns signes look even.

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Tigre's running a Ventura setup with high pipes.

If anyone out there can get Steve's attention (he's never really posted too much to this board), maybe he can send pics.
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