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So I have a roommate that got it into his head that he wanted a scooter, so I impressed upon him the importance of gear. Since he's a fancy pants he dropped major $$ on gear only to discover 2 wheels aren't as easy as he thought. Now he's selling is damn-near brand-spankin' new gear (worn occasionally over 2 months) for cheap:

$50 OBO FroggToggs 2-piece set ---- Large ---- Greys
Used twice- has its Bag of Holding

$650 OBO ($550 w/o armor) Vanson Stallion ---- Size 42 ---- White w/ Orange Stripe
High visibility, special order in white with added Pro-Flex Armor in elbows and back

Info about it here: http://www.vansonleathers.com/product_pages/jackets/cs5v_stallion.htm

Jacket's aftermarket Pro-Flex Armor armor can be sold separately for $100 (elbows and back)
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