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Im looking at the underbelly exhaust from spareshack.com and the underbelly spoiler from ducati.. id prefer it wasnt carbon but whatever, if it has to be carbon i could just add accesories like the carbon side panels and heat sheilds.

does anyone have any feedback on that underbelly exhaust? how does it look from the other side? how does it sound?

i think the combinatino of the two would look super sharp, but im not necessarily willing to eliminate what in my opinion is the most attractive stock muffler (06 s2r) ive ever seen.
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Kop's bike is super hot.

I like the way the swingarm seems to flow right into the horizontal cylinder.
well at least i have good conceptual skills! even if my timing is off by what seems like a while.

Seems that on the s2r the cowling hangs a bit lower, but maybe im mistaken.

can you report on that exhaust at all?

good looking bike!
Sorry, if you look at the bottom of the pic you will see the name, he works at Motowheels. I have seen pics here of the exbox on a SSswingarm, I will hunt for them.


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How does that exhaust sound compared to cans? Louder? Less Bass? Did you have to change the ECU? Do tell!
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