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M800 S.i.e. 88mm Pistons , pins, clips, rings and cylinders 2K $395. Also entire wet clutch assembley $199, oil cooler and lines $199 nice etc. starter $129 , Some other parts available but Lower end sold, heads sold .

620 uses same connecting rods, pins as the 800. Calculated bore and stroke 88mm pi TTR2 times stroke 61.5mm meams 44x 3.14x 61.5 x 2 cylinders = 748cc. 44x44=1936x 3.14=373 x2 =747 and change.
Of course you'll need a Power Commander to handle fuel increase and keep your stock ecu etc.
All the parts seem to be compatable.
I got this idea when I read that the new M695cc is a 620cc overbore and then destroked by 4mm or else it would be this size 748cc.
If I did it, the only concern I would have other than seeing the clearance of the cylinders into the cases is turning it over by hand to check that the pistons clear the crankshaft and rods without trimming.
But since the 695 is a shorter stroke and it clears, this dosen't seem to be a problem.
If I had a 620 around my shop, out of the bike , I would try it on for size.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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