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Ok, well I've purchased two sets of turn signals and really can't decide which ones to put on. Both turn signals stick out from the bike about the same distance, though the sleeker looking ones are longer...


Or these?

So what does everyone think? Which ones should go on the bike? Keep in mind I have a chopped tail, so these would be sitting right under the seat in the rear next to the taillight...


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Both look nice Jordan. The second set will look like the chopped setup that most people seem to do (not that there's anything wrong with that - there's a reason so many are done that way). The problem I see with that setup is the signals are little harder to see for cars, whereas the standard post-style signals are more visible. It's a tradeoff between aesthetics and visibility.

What kind of signals are the first ones (with the LEDs)? I'm getting ready to chop my tail and I need to find new signals. If you don't use the top set, let me know, and maybe I'll buy 'em off you.
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