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Turbo Monster ??

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Anybody know who owns (or built?) this turbo Monster 900?


I've never seen this bike before, but it sounds like it's got an interesting history...
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He was pontificating on the main board in the tech section for a while about turbos but I don't remember seeing him on MADDOG. He used the handle Turbo Tim like in the ad.

Oh yeah, I remember now....

While we're on the topic of opinions, do you think this would be a good buy?


I don't have a tank bag, and I think I would prefer this to a tank bag anyway...
I haven't looked at the Nelson-Rigg stuff so can't really say about quality of construction. It looks a lot like the Humpback tail/tank bags I have in both size and shape and they are very functional.

I CAN say that the Oxford Humpback stuff is way nice and well constructed, but it's also almost 3 times that $50 price.

I'm sure it is pretty good and at 50 bucks what the heck.

The tail pack is slightly less convenient than a tank bag and I actually really like the tank bag on there. A little wind block and a place to lay down on long hauls. I does not bother me unless I'm REALLY getting aggressive and I shouldn't be doin' that on the street anywhooo...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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