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Tues Nite Ride-It's on!

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Okay, a Tuesday Nite Ride is happening tonite! Meeting time is 6:30-6:45 in Plastow NH to head up some cool backroads to eventually stop in Portsmouth. Depending on what people want to do, food and drinks may follow. Reply here if you're interested and I'll let you know exactly where we are meeting.

Hope to see some more Mostros!
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Yeah, we had 5 guys show up for the ride and another guy meet us up there. 5 Ducs-3 Monsters, a Super Sport, and a Superbike-and an Aprilia Futura. Two of us had to leave almost as soon as we arrived in Portsmouth but the other four hung out for food I think. Brian the guy who led followed a real nice route up the coast through Hampton and into Newcastle before hitting downtown Portsmouth.

Are you local? We are gonna try and do it again next week as well-join us if you can!
i hover between Dorchester and the North Shore, and id love to make it for a ride somtime. I'm still getting used to my bike so whats the pace like? how long you guys end up riding for?

We're not too nutty I think! Traffic often slows us down to a reasonable pace regardless. I can't imagine that you'd find us too fast paced-not with that 900S you got anyway!!

We're gonna ride again next Tuesday, weather permitting, so join us if you can. We met at a guy's house in Plastow just off 495. Got into Portsmouth around 9pm and a couple of us left to go on to other responsibilities while the more fun among us hang out until 2am!!! So, you can stay late or leave early whatever you need to do.

Here's a couple of crumby pics (I gotta figure out how to take better nite pics with my digital camera): http://www.geocities.com/miles_english/

Hope to see ya!
So, are we still on for this Tuesday night?
Cool! I'm glad the ride finally happened.

I'm not in this week either. I got a "nail" in my rear tire just before leaving town on vacation.

Being a cheap [email protected], I tried to patch from inside yesterday with a plug-patch. I didn't feel safe with a rope patch, but thought I'd try the inside patch.

Checked the tire this AM and it was down 10 psi! So I ordered a new tire. Won't have a ridable bike until late in the week. Should have just ordered the damned thing last week and saved the half day of screwing around yesterday!
Sorry to hear that Don. Who are you going to have mount the tire?

Yes, TNR is on for this week. I'll try and get in touch with Brian and see if he's up for hosting the meeting spot again. If any new people are in, let me know so I can get you the metting time and place.
For tire mounting, I've been going to All Seasons Motorsports onb Rt 114 in Middletton.

I try to give what business I can to Jeff; helmet visors, carb balancing sticks ans what-not. Unfortunately, he can't come even close to tire prices due to the distribution structure and minimal volume he can do. If I felt more flush, I'd just pay retail and buy from him (if I felt flush, I wouldn't have wasted time/money trying to plug that tire either!).

Hope the weather's good for tomorrow.

Brian's house is a good place to meet. I didn't want to suggest it though since it's his call whether or not his relationship with neighbors can stand up to regular invasions of Ducatis with 105 dB cans!
By the way, from now on, to follow the TNR (Tuesday Nite Ride), log onto http://www.cd-rom.org/ and sign up for the email list. I just worry that people may be left behind on this list if I forget to check it.

Next week Don...
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