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I'm looking to pick up my first suit so I can start doing some proper track riding...

but it's never been so confusing...

What determines the price of the suit?

for example:

take an Alpinestars Trigger suit.. $700.. compared to the race replica for $2,400
more than 3x the price!

both are made from the same cow in the same factory both have the same flimsy foam padding that you need to upgrade anyway?

so what makes it more than the other?

the only things I can think of or see..

more perforation (I have to pay extra cuz they poked more holes in teh suit?)

CE hard plastic shoulder armour with vents

less seams perhaps?

i Can understand when a suit is made from japanese leather, or kangaroo or stingray or lined with kevlar etc... but all a-stars suits are made from teh same leather...

aesthetics aside...

i want to lean towards a 2 piece suit..even mixing and matching pants.. but there is some good deals on 1 piecers

example when I look at these 2 suits:

$540 for a teknic violator:

and $1000 for an astars charger

or for $100 less than the astars charger, u can get a 50% kangaroo teknic Xcelerator suit which is something astars doesn't even offer in their $2,400 suit...

They're both leather, both have race humps, both have armour, infact the knox armour in the "cheap" suit is better than the astars armour

i'm trying to find a good bang for the buck suit that's a balance between cost and performance...

I really like stars stuff.. but don't want to be just paying for the brand either..

i'm sure there's a point of diminishing returns.. where ur paying 100% the price more for 10% more performance...

if the teknic has survived over 5 crashes and is still usuable and u're running proper protection under the suit.. (back guard, chest guard and padded shorts)

I've been watching Brians video's and staring at the pics for ages.. and trying to figure out the "secrets" to these suits...

and then I think:

I get 2 piece so I can wear the jacket on the street and pants at track

but for less money

I can get an Entry level Astars SG-1 1 piece suit and an Astars SMK jacket for less than buying the Astars leather track pants and jacket combo.

anyone have suggestions, thoughts opinions etc?

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I have been looking around for a leather suit too. Never have one b4, hopefully someone with exp. will share some light.

IMO, a one piece is better. just the fact that it's more safe, but what do i know..haha.

I have been looking into the DAINESE "Laguna Seca Perf" 1-Pc for $779, might worth a look.

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Not sure if you saw the piece on Alpinestars on Discovery. They went inside the factory to show how suits are made.

There is a difference in leather quality as far as wear and ability to withstand abrasion from the road.

Another price point is the stitching used. A mass produced " lower" priced leather is done by hand and machine. A race replica is all hand done by the top sewers in the company. So what you are paying for is the craftsmanship.

In my experience, the higher priced gear fits better and lasts longer. Its the old adage...you get what you pay for.

As far as 1 or 2 piece.....Check with the rules of the track club. When you get to the expert level, they may require a one piece suit, which in theory is safer.

I personally have a 2 piece. I like the option of using just the jacket and adding the pants when it is cold. I once wore a one piece on a ride and I felt a little squidish. I am not normally one who cares what others think, but I would never do it again.

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yeah I saw that documentary..

actually they use the same leather across the board from lowest to highest models..

the difference is in panel size and stitching and perforation... for some reason u have to pay more money for suits that have more holes in them..

we're allowed 2 piece suits as long as they zip together..

but like u I wouldn't wear a 1 piece on the street.. I don't wanna look like the stig walking into DQ..

so I would be investing 700-800 for a suit I will only be using 1-2x a month tops for another 5-6months before the riding season ends and the track closes...

i'm thinking of buying an entry level Astars suit on sale and a Astars full leather jacket seperately which will still cost less than the next tier suits by themselves..

that's alot more cow skin for the buck..

it will also be my first track days and riding..
and I'm thinking.. am I more likely or Less likely to fall?

more likely due to lack of experience..
but less likely because i wont be pushing 10/10 tracking to squeeze out fractions of seconds on the track..

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i went with a 2 piece because I already had a jacket with zipper. The pants are the dainese ducati leathers. Great riding pants for non-track days as they provide protection without looking squidish... And they are legal for our track days. Keep in mind that I have not yet participated in a track day and my thought is to start with this setup in the beginner / intermediate heats to find out if the track is something I want to do often.

If I get hooked I will probably spend the money on the blackest 1 piece suit available with the fewest logos. (until someone pays me big $$ in sponsership... :rolleyes: )
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