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Greetings all:

I'm not sure if anyone remembers me at all... it's been MONTHS since my last post... (got a new job and have been too busy to post... though I've still been riding)

Anyway, on to the question:

I have a 2001 m900ie that just had its 12000 service done in May. I've got about 15000 miles on it now.

For the past month or so, I have been having trouble starting the bike. It will only start with a throttle twist, at which point it dies unless I keep the RPMs up for about five seconds. After that, it will idle just fine and never ever dies once it starts running. For what it's worth, I always turn the not-a-choke-but-I-don't-know-what-to-call-it lever "on" all the way for cold starts. It almost seems like I am flooding the engine the way it coughs and sputters on startup, but it just won't turn over without some coaxing at the throttle.

Also, while I was getting 170-190 miles to the tank, I am now getting 140-170 miles to the tank. My riding gear also occaisionally smells fairly strongly of fuel fumes now as well.

I'm not really very technically proficient and am hoping this is an obvious problem a good tech-head will be able to identify from this post.

Any ideas?

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I'm actually having the same problem on the same bike (2001 m900IE). I just bought the bike a couple of weeks ago, So I haven't had a lot of time to figure this out. My plan so far, unless someone posts the genius solution, is to change the air filter, sparkplugs, check the temp. sensor, and if that fails to take it in and see if it is running to rich or to lean.
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