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hey ac,
the steering stem nut you see in the center of the top tripleclamp is nothing to worry about. no need to touch it unless you're removing the BOTTOM tripleclamp.

the process is much like you describe... loosen the pinch bolts around the forks and around the steering stem nut. use a rubber mallot to tap the tripleclamp up off the forks and nut and you're ready to go. you're correct that you don't need to hoist the front end but i'd recommend NOT having the top triple clamp off for any longer than absolutely necessary. tap off the tripleclamp, slip on the damper collar, and tap the tripleclamp right back on. then proceed with the rest of your damper's installation.

the only "gotcha" that i ran into when removing my top triple clamp is that the steering stem nut pinch bolt is a MOTHER to get out... here's what i suggest... slacken the steering lock nut on the bottom yoke so you can turn the forks WAY over to the right... this will give you better access to the bolt so you don't strip the head. it won't hurt to prop the tank to keep it out of harm's way (slip a block of wood to prop the tank... don't just rely on that cheezy prop-rod). that bolt's also got a nice locking compound in the threads... to break down the compound and make extracting this bolt easier, blast that area of the tripleclamp with a heat gun. this is another reason to lift the tank (to protect the paint).

should be a breeze otherwise ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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