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Traxxion Ohlins Preload adjuster

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I am in hate with the preload adjusters on my Ohlins shock. Bike is an S4RS. It is really difficult to get at for me. I have three different spanners, none of which grab the preload collars well.

Has anyone tried the Traxxion adjuster? If so, thumbs up or down?
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The proper Ohlins wrench is 7 or 8 dollars. Much easier to adjust if the rear of the bike is hanging- so supporting the frame and allowing the rear wheel to hang, but still, the Ohlins wrenches are only a couple bucks and should turn easily with the bike on the kicker or rear stand.

Over the years I haven't been in love with Traxxion stuff. If you really need to be able to adjust your preload often (pillion, extra gear), we could figure out if the Ohlins hydraulic preload adjust would fit- then everything is seriously easy. They're usually a couple hundred US. (But with the way we're going, the dollar might not be worth anything soon!)
I have a good selection of Ohlins spanners. My challenge is that the Zard pipe routing takes away the room needed to use a spanner for this ramp design. The Traxxion looks like I may have a little better grip potentially. I have not given it much thought through thte winter. I can buy the Traxxion for around $60 here in Canada so I think I will likely just buy one and try it out. I was hoping to get a bit of feed back from people who may have used one. Maybe they are awesome, but maybe there is something about it that I may not like as a user. That is what I was fishing for. I would not mind a hydraulic, but the adjusting only really is an issue when I am touring and adding 20 lbs leveraging right at the back of the bike. I also already have more crap on my bike than I like ..... radar mount, gopro mounts, phone mount, wiring ....

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Oh yeah, that would be a bitch. And the Ohlins hydraulic guy won't fit in that.

I don't think X-Trig makes one to fit the Ohlins shock body, but that would be sweet. Expensive though.

Just went and looked at the Traxxion one. That's fine, it'll work much easier than the Ohlins in this situation. It's the same as the Penske, use a 1/4" rod, usually with a little bend at the end. Should have a grub screw that holds it from turning on it's own.

Will totally be worth 60CAD.
My Ohlins shock has this different preload agent collar and I'm considering what's the best apparatus to use on it. The last suspension individual utilized a T handle hex yet I don't recollect the size or on the other hand on the off chance that its the legitimate device to use-there's a couple of openings that have been gouged by past "mechanics" and I would rather not add to it. The opposite side has the locking set screw. Likewise what are ballpark (for road) bounce back and pressure settings for an Ohlins fork/07 RSV-I gauge @ 200 w/gear. I'm seeing front list 25mm w/no preload and 33mm back droop. Gratitude for any exhortation.

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