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We discussed this during the Rock Store ride so here it is, may be last chance of season.

A Track Day w/Instruction(if first timer or desired) for this coming weekend. (How do you like how I seem to always do this on a Monday?)The track is the AMA track at the California Speedway.

$189 for track day
$100 for instruction (required for first time track riders)

Let me know if you are interested and if you prefer Saturday or Sunday.

Also, let me know if you are or ever were in the military.

Hopefully we can share trailers and stuff to get there, make it cheaper for everyone.

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This is a Fastrack Riders track day. Here is the list of requirements from their website:

Rider Requirements:
* Full-Coverage Helmet
* 1- or 2-Piece Leathers. FRA offers high quality one-piece
* Vanson Leather suits for rent @ $95/day plus deposit. These suits must be registered in advance. NOTE: Suits that do not zip together will NOT be allowed.
* Leather Gloves
* Boots (must cover ankles). NOTE: No hiking boots or tennis shoes will be allowed.
* Back Protectors are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Motorcycle Requirements
* Operational Kill Switch (accessible without removing hands from from handgrips -- NO EXCEPTIONS)
* DOT Pavement or Road Racing Tires in Good Condition WITH Valve Caps. NOTE: Check with Tire Vendors for Pressure Recommendations.
* Fully Operational Front & Rear Brakes in Good Condition
* Mirrors Taped or Removed
* Glass and Plastic lenses Taped or Removed
* License Plate Removed
* Wheel Weights Taped
* Unplug or Remove Fuses for Headlight, Taillight, & Turn Signals
* We also recommend taping up the speedometer

A 996 riding friend has done this track day several times and highly recommends it both for the track and the organization. From all I have read it seems especially good for the first timer.

Is there a military discount? I'm former, and still inactive reserve for another 2 1/2 years. It better be pretty deep since I don't have the money for a suit or the entry fee.

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This is exactly what I have been looking for. However, I need more notice, and will have to hook up with someone that has a trailer. If you go, make sure you let us all know how it goes.

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Yeah, I am not big on notice, sorry. I just found out about it on Sunday and called them on Monday to get some info.

As for the Military discount, I think it is pretty deep. In fact I think it goes all the way to the bottom and the day is free. Not clear on the required Safety Course though. You should call to check. I don't think they do the military discount all the time. In fact, this may be the first time.

You can check out more info at www.fastrackriders.com
Or call them at (877) 560-2233

I think I am going to do it on Saturday. Is anyone else thinking about doing this?
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