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Hello all I was wondering if I could get some advice from anyone who has done a track day. I Just got my 96 900 and I want to know what parts I should get first.

I have already put on a great breaking system, it has clip ons a high 2-1 sil motor exhaust & steering damper,and pretty fresh Dunlop 208's. My budget is around 1500, I think that I want to get 41mm flat slides and new sprocket and chain set, after that I don't know what is most important. Rear sets, frame sliders, tac, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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minimum mods are:

- new tires
- remove turn signals
- remove mirrors
- remove headlight

(removal of items prevents you from spending $$ to replace them in the unlikely event of a crash)

also, removal of glass-components will prevent a hazard on the track (they suggest taping it if you leave them on so they don't shatter in a crash).

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Rearsets will increase leaning clearance, but the cramped riding position may offset the advantage. Fixed billet rearsets will also be a factor, either positive or negative, when your bike goes down. (On my '00 model I also cut the sidestand knob.)

A new sprocket, presumably front-14 or rear-39, is good to have in the city but won't make much difference on the track.

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1. Massive wind shield
2. Light and flexible riding gear

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I keep forgetting to mention that nub....first thing to grind off....
I can't remember splinter did you talk about raising the rear up before? If you haven't a good thing to do...I don't know your skill level but if it is a first track day, I would definately see more benefit from a trackday school.....wouldn't worry about looking down at your instruments...in fact tape over the speedo......rear sets could be a good idea, but you might grind them too until you sort out the bike for the track....nothing wrong with frame sliders.
I went up two teeth in the rear and added a better D.I.D. chain.
Improve performance
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