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first some info: 2003 m800sie, with pciii custom map, 32k, belts and valves just done, k&n chopped top and mildly cored cans, fuel filter changed, map done with airbox and pipes in current form. i do my own maintenance.

after the service was done, balanced the cylinders to 7" each. set the idle to 1200 rpms. runs beautiful, idles smooth, delivery is great, but when matching revs or mild throttle application i get backfiring through the airbox.

if i close the air bleed screws to eliminate the backfire, i get idle at 900 rpms and a bit of a stumble from closed throttle. i have done the tps search, found alot of good info, but am confused.

can i set the tps to zero through the pciii or do i have to get the dealer to do it?

if the dealer sets it, how long does it take? can i hang around and get it done?

i have rechecked all that i touched or altered, all ok. i had a bit of roughness at idle and a vibration at cruise speed, before making any changes. these issues have been solved but now i have another i think the tps will solve.
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