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Well I had hoped to put the PCIII on first, ride it around some and then do the Pods.

Best laid plans, its 40 degrees in the garage (note to self, buy heater for next year.) and snow/sleet is heading in today. What a better excuse to wrench on the bike.

After realizing the PCIII was just not going to get on with the airbox in the way I spent the better half of the afternoon getting that thing off. I want the meet the mean son-of-a-b*tch who designed that knuckle ripper. I swear they could not have made it any more difficult if they tried but I got it apart. Slapped the PCIII in place and put the pods on because after all that hassle getting the air box off I was not about to bolt it back on.

I will say this about the TPO "velocity stacks". They look like metal versions of the factory air box units. I cant notice much difference between them so I think a open airbox with a k&n would probably offer similar performance.

Getting the replacement bracket for the coil in place was a headache. Which reminds me that i've got to move the other coil from the frame to somewhere under the seat since i've removed the plastic pod that covered it. Anyway... If you could drop a nut anywhere in the engine where would you drop it? Yep you guessed it, right into the horizontal cylinder cooling fin exactly behind the throttlebody. Took me an hour to find it and fish it out.

Performance wise the intake sounds glorious. The factory box really restricts airflow for certain. The engine revs so quickly now that 1st - 3rd is pretty much (at WOT) blips in the gears. Power wise i'm not sure the package added much power. I'm not doing wheelies with a quick twist of the wrist but I would say horsepower at the upper end was slightly improved. Probably due to increased air/fuel flow with the airbox removal.

I'm curious to hear from you guys with PCIII's and Open Airboxes on your subjective improvement.
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